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Hello Friends!

 From Scratch Baked Goods got a makeover!! For those new to Cocoa & Stardust, WELCOME! I'm Sydney, native to OC, single mom of three, dairy and gluten free, creative to the core and fellow sweet tooth at heart. 

But most importantly, I LOVE Cake! Isn't it amazing when passion and

career unite to form magic?


There is a joy and satisfaction that comes with knowing exactly what's in the food that sustains our body and our soul. I take pride in the fact that everything that comes out of my kitchen is made from simple, natural ingredients. You will never find any added preservatives or components that you cannot pronounce embedded into my finished treats.


My eye catching creations are beautifully displayed without scrimping on flavor in the least! You can rest assured that everything you sample from me is made with the utmost love but best of all, it's made small batch with a little sprinkle of cocoa & stardust. 

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