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"Sydney is hands down one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever worked with. I’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible pastry chefs and bakers throughout my line of work, and Syd is by far the best. She created the wedding cake of our dreams from me showing her a few Pinterest pics and talking through what I imagined. When she whipped up her mock-up I was blown away. Not only did she fully understand the direction I wanted to go in after our first conversation, she exceeded our expectations. She’s a doll and absolutely lovely to work with. Since then, I have used her for all of my friends and family’s birthday cakes where I tell her a theme and she just runs with it, only to create a masterpiece that everyone is blown away by. I can’t wait for her to create our anniversary cakes! Thanks for making our wedding day extra special, Sydney. We love you."


"Sydney made my wedding cake back in 2014. When we talked about what I wanted I just said that I wanted something simple and minimal, but make it delicious. I’m not lying when I say that whenever people talk about my wedding they always talk about how good that cake was! She did such an amazing job and I can’t thank her enough."


"If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding cake with all the bells and whistles then Sydney, owner and creator of Cocoa & Stardust, is your girl! Her talent is undeniable and her creations leave you speechless. If you have a vision, she can create it but make it 10x better. She’s asks the right questions to make sure she gives you what you want and goes above and beyond to make it happen. My husband and I were very specific with wanting Southern Red Velvet cake for our wedding. It was not a flavor she had done before but that didn’t stop her from creating it and making it the best we ever had! My husband and I have been married for 5 years now and our friends and family still talk about how incredible the cake and cake pops tasted and looked. She combined my vision and hers with modern but elegant twists and it was stunning to say the least! Did I mention she is the absolute sweetest woman to work with?! She is all smiles and positivity and that to me means a lot these days. If you're looking for someone who takes pride in their work, loves what they do and produces beautiful and unforgettable cakes, you have come to the right place. We go to her for all our cake needs (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). We are so grateful she has been a part of our traditions for years now!"


"Our wedding cake was amazing thanks to Sydney's dedication to detail and creativity! She created a wonderful two tier beach themed wedding cake for my wife and I that we could not have been happier with. It fit the theme of our wedding perfectly with beach chairs and flip flops on the top and she even snuck a little surfboard on the back so I felt like I had a say in things lol. We chose the nutty professor and blueberry cheesecake for our two flavors. I don't know how to explain how good it was so I'll just say it tasted like a slice of heaven. She was so helpful throughout the whole process and we loved the tastings!! I'm super pumped that we have some left over for our one year anniversary and can't wait to eat it. Thanks again Sydney!"


"To be honest, I’m having a hard time finding the words to describe just how amazing our wedding dessert from Sydney was. Words don’t do her art justice. Truly, every detail was absolute perfection. I had a few ideas of what I wanted it to look and taste like, but also wanted her to have free reign to create it, because that’s just how talented she is. Full faith in her, she absolutely blew us away. It is, to this day, the most gorgeous and delicious dessert table I’ve ever experienced. it was a major highlight of the evening for everyone, and I still love to look back at the photos and reminisce. We were so thankful to have gotten a special little sample box of desserts sent with us on our honeymoon. It was sweet perfection to spend the next day in our cozy honeymoon suite, reliving how special the wedding was. We were so grateful for the magical touch she placed on the day. It was pure bliss. Sydney has now done every event for us for the past 5 years, and with each event, we get so excited to see just how much the dessert will compliment the fun of the day, always a work of art and always insanely delicious."


"Sydney did our wedding cake and dessert table, as well as couple birthday cakes and special orders so we have plenty of experience with her. Obviously her treats and service are exemplary and that is why we are returning customers. For our wedding we did a small cake and a million cupcakes and four years later several of our guests STILL talk about which flavor was their favorite every time we see them. I think our cupcake tasting with her was my favorite part of the whole wedding planning process, lol. In short, her flavors are DELICIOUS, the ordering process is EASY, and the service is UNMATCHED. I have and always will recommend Syd’s business to anyone looking to make their party or special occasion stand out!"


"Words can't quite explain how positive my experience was with designing and receiving our wedding cake from Sydney. From the first tasting we were blown away by the delicious flavors, it was difficult to choose as they were all divine. Sydney's attentiveness and creativity were remarkable. She truly listened to what we wanted and was there to help if we were unsure of any aspect. The design ended up being beyond what we could have even imagined because her skills were impeccable. Not only is she a phenomenal baker, she is an artist! The cake tied our whole wedding together! It also froze very well and we enjoyed it on our 1st anniversary."


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